all the celebrations + week(s) in review

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wow. the last few weeks have been filled with many reasons to celebrate. however, if I had written this post a week ago, the sentiment would have been a bit different.

I was in a bit of a funk for a few days, which was kicked off with some bad news about our house and then some more bad news about our house. coupling this with feelings of being overwhelmed with all of the changes going on in my life and continued stress at work and you get a big mess. after a mini-breakdown and some release via many tears, I realized a few things 1) I had been focusing on those few negative things versus looking at the bigger picture of all of the amazingness that is happening in my life right now, 2) I’m not in this alone and I have an amazing husband and support system of many friends and family and, 3) it’s okay if things don’t go exactly as I had planned — in fact, they rarely will.

as I reflect on the past two weeks, I am again reminded of the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced but also all of the good and successes and cause for celebration — because there is so much for which to be grateful.

week(s) in review
what I’m reading: Braving the Wilderness
what I read: If Our Bodies Could Talk
awards dinner for my smarty-pants + kick-ass husband
cleaned + prepared for rental photos and showings
celebrated when house rented after just TWO days
loan completed for our new home
discovered a sustainable alternative for moving boxes
completed annual health screening
multiple successful demos for work project
presentation + demo to executives (work)
weekly farmers’ market trips
participated on HR Summit panel (and kicked ass!)
dinner + catching up with girlfriends
Rembrandt exhibit artist date
celebrate 2nd birthday of a friend’s kiddo
Rockies game + brewfest
Nine Inch Nails
carved out pockets of reading time
listened to the final Dear Sugars episode 😦
phone dates + texting with nieces and nephew
visited new coffee shop across the street that FINALLY opened
celebrated three months of being married to my favorite
Trombone Shorty
volunteered to assist with campaign to replace BSL in Denver
finally completed name change on all accounts
started no more weighting course
booked Cali flight for February (whale watching!)
booked movers
took some me time + explored the aquarium
wrote + posted where has all the free time gone + week(s) reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: tahini noodles with roasted chickpeas and carrots

weekend happenings + intentions
moving boxes delivery
start packing
farmers’ market
read + write
complete one lesson of creative writing course
celebrate the start of my favorite season
corn maze

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