living with less: our zerowaste-ish lifestyle part one — bath and body


It’s hard to believe the progress we’ve made on the zero-waste front. A few weeks ago, we realized we hadn’t emptied the trash in a month (now going on two) and we’ve now joined the ranks of “those people” who bring their own containers for basically everything at the grocery store (Seriously, the deli manager used those exact words to describe my husband when he asked to use a reusable silicone bag for his deli meat instead of the standard plastic variety. In her defense she was all for it — probably just didn’t use the best words to describe it).

Because we’ve had such great success (yet, knowing we still have a ways to go), we’ve been getting more and more questions from curious friends and coworkers about how we’re doing it. And, in an effort to not have to repeat myself a billion times (but also to share with others in the hopes they’ll be able to also take some of the steps we have), I’ve decided to capture our progress so far the best way I know how — in a blog post. Well, actually, in many blog posts. I had intended to include everything in one, but it started getting awfully long so I’ve decided to parse it out into three posts — bath and body + home + out and about.

We do have some help, as you’ll see below, from our city that provides free recycling and fee-based composting services, as well as TerraCycle. While our first option is always refuse, sometimes we need a little help from these awesome services. We also would be remiss if we didn’t recognize our local farmers market, our local grocery store that offers bulk options and whose cashiers only sometimes complain about tare weights (but, really always), our local zero waste market and, new to the list, our local refill store. We are so grateful for all of these options that help us live a more zero-wasteish lifestyle because, without them, it would be a lot more difficult.

So, without further adieu, our zero-wasteish bath and body routines.


  • Him: refillable shampoo and conditioner from zero waste store
  • Me: gallon-sized shampoo and conditioner (replace approximately twice a year + recycle containers + reuse pumps); reusable razor handle + razor blade cartridges from Dollar Shave Club (try to use as long as possible + recycle through TerraCycle)
  • Us: refillable body wash from zero waste store; compostable loofah squash body sponges


  • Him: safety razor + shave bar from zero waste story; deodorant bar from Humble Hive in reusable tin; Uncle Harry’s toothpaste in refillable container from zero waste store
  • Her: rose water in refillable container from zero waste store; contacts and blister packs (dailies) sent to Bausch and Lomb and are recycled for free as part of their “One by One” program with TerraCycle; deodorant from Meow Meow Tweet in compostable cardboard container; wooden dry brush (similar)
  • Us: large lotion container (EO) that we refill at Joy Fill; bamboo toothbrushes from zero waste store


  • Her: Avocado-oil face wash (recycle container – still looking for a refillable option I love); reusable/washable makeup-removal pads (similar); almond oil for makeup remover from zero waste store in refillable container; anti-aging serum from zero waste store in refillable container; Elate Clean Cosmetics makeup in refillable bamboo containers + makeup brushes; Kjaer Weis powder in refillable container; Tarte mascara (I haven’t had any luck finding a more sustainable mascara I like)
  • Us: Zinc-based sunscreen in glass container

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