all the blogging + week reflection

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A few months ago, I was struggling to find anything to write about. This week, I wrote five blog posts. So, what changed?

I finally found a few topics I actually enjoy writing and posting about and the subject-matter of which is pretty top of mind for us: recipes and zero-waste. While I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be someone who would be posting recipes regularly (especially not ones I’ve actually tried), I actually really enoy sharing what we’ve tried in our kitchen. It helps that I have a wonderful cooking partner in my husband (who, let’s be honest, does most of the work). We’re also of the same mind in regards to minimizing our waste and possessions which not only helps us be successful, but also provides for writing inspiration.

I’ll certainly continue to explore other topics for my blog but, currently, I’m satisifed with the direction and how it’s not only providing a writing outlet but is truly reflecting my trajectory of life.



week in review
what I’m reading: Sing, Unburied Sing
explored the idea of buying a new home + house hunted
new mattress (it’s the little things, right?)
farmers’ market
continued progress on name change (yes, it’s still ongoing)
completed a few home fixes
added to herb garden
nursed a sick pup
Goodwill donation
received our (gorgeous) new dinnerware
afternoon tea at my favorite local tea shop
dinner with a few of my favorite girlfriends
checked out a new-to-me brewery
Clozee + Beats Antique at Red Rocks
ditched the tea bags at work + brought my own tea and pot
consumed many episodes of dear sugars
reached a big milestone with work project
met up with our wedding photographers to start planning wedding book
enjoyed ciders + eats at Stem’s new location
wrote FIVE blog posts(!)
wrote + posted is it winter yet + week reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: salt and pepper shrimp with cucumber salad
wrote + posted zero waste wins
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: crunch broccolini with lemon and pecons + swordfish
wrote + posted letting go of excuses + my zero-waste portable breakfast solution (finally)

weekend happenings + intentions
BBQ with neighborhood friends
Rockies game
pack for work trip
write + send wedding thank-you notes
prepare for a hot week in Phoenix
read + write + relax

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