is it winter yet? + week reflection

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I’m ready for winter — or, at the very least, fall. These 90-plus days are taking their toll on me and our family. Although I’m definitely the most vocal and crabby about my weather discontent. I lost count at the number of times my husband and I looked at each other last weekend and said, “basement?” A question that was followed by just lying in bed and reading because, even with AC upstairs, it was just too hot.

I did just hear my local weatherman on CPR promise “cooler days” in the upcoming week. Fingers crossed.

I guess on the positive side I can say I’m preparing myself for what will truly be unbearable heat in Phoenix, where I’ll be spending a week for work to close out July and welcome August. Ugh. Can’t wait. (Relatedly, I promise my normal chipper and non-cynical self will make an appearance once September hits. For now, you’re stuck with Crabby McCrabberson. Sorry.)



week in review
 what I’m readingLittle Fire Everywhere
checked out the Denver County Fair — meh
enjoyed yummy beers with good friends at Bastille Day Saison Festival
perused booths at Horshoe Market
received wedding thank-you cards
continued progress on name change
mattress shopping
learned devastating news about a dear friend’s little one
FINALLY found an easy-to-make portable breakfast for my commute (two-years coming)
started contemplating buying a new house
farmers’ market
enjoyed yummy Sunday coffee on the patio + people watching
dinner + catching up with girlfriends
started to get really annoyed with the high temps
welcomed + onboarded new employee (work)
continued progress on big work project
sold all remaining items in Poshmark closet
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: summer strawberry tart
wrote + posted summer sickness + week reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: grilled scallops with corn salad

weekend happenings + intentions
house shopping
art museum
new mattress delivery
pen + post: this week in our kitchen
Goodwill donation (likely last one for a while or we won’t have anything left)
farmers’ market
walk + move + stay cool

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