summer sickness + week reflection

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This week’s takeaway is that summer colds suck — especially when temps are consistently 90-degrees plus.

On a positive note, I seem to actually be on the mend. I say actually because I began feeling better mid-week only to have my symptoms alter from a gross cough to more of a head cold with sniffling and sneezing. It’s been a full 24-hours sans meds though and I’ve only counted a few sneezes this morning and no coughing. Praise be! šŸ˜‰

week(s) in review
Ā what Iā€™m reading:Ā Little Fire Everywhere
read:Ā tiny beautiful things + The Gifts of Imperfection
booked our Christmas trip — here we come, Hawaii!
designed + ordered wedding thank-yous
continued progress on name change
discovered changing your name at work is a NIGHTMARE
hosted weekend writers +Ā Denver Creates
read — a lot
rested + recovered from cold
discussed The Rules Do Not Apply with book club ladies
celebrated one-month anniversary
tried to not have a heart attack while watching season finale ofĀ Handmaid’s
tried a few new yummy recipes
continued dwindling down my wardrobe
farmerā€™s market
two-year Schwanniversary (work)
progress on big work project + finally felt like I’m learning the platform
“judged” homebrewers’ competition
made progress + sales on theĀ Poshmark closet
enjoyed an afternoon of working at one of my favorite coffee shops
booked upcoming work travels (ugh, Phoenix in July)
made preparations to welcome new team member
wrote + postedĀ mid-year reading goals check
wrote + postedĀ this week in our kitchen: bison burgers w/onions two ways + watermelon feta salad
wrote + postedĀ week reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
Denver County Fair
Bastille Day Saison Festival
Horshoe Market
pen + post: this week in our kitchen
writeĀ Zero WasteishĀ post (my beauty routine)
farmers market
walk + move + stay cool

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