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It’s been so long since I’ve had the time (or, more aptly, taken the time) to complete a week in review + reflection, I had to search back a few months to remind myself how to complete it. And, while I am grateful beyond words for all of the amazingness that our wedding and honeymoon were, I’m certainly enjoying the post-wedding downtime with more chance for writing, reading, relaxing and hanging with the hubs and pup.

“Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.” ~Margaret Atwood, Handmaid’s Tale

week(s) in review
 what I’m readingtiny beautiful things
read: The Handmaid’s Tale + Zero Waste Home
treated ourselves to a bit of positivity + saw Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Goodwill + Denver Public School donations
June reflection + July intentions
received our wedding photos (yay!)
began simple year July lesson
made progress on the name-change list
removed our names from every mail list imaginable (fingers crossed this stops the unwanted mail)
many walks with the hubs + pup
hosted friends for dinner
farmer’s market
drinks + catching up with good friends
lots of new recipes + time cooking with my love
attended fun BBQ with friends
made a visit to our favorite zero waste store
cheered on the Rockies to another victory + enjoyed post-game fireworks
opened up the Poshmark closet again
made the most amazing library discover + picked up books I’d been waiting for since February
attended coworker’s going-away party
enjoyed a day off mid-week
made significant progress with big work project
hired awesome content manager (work)
savored yummy treats + tea at our Hawaiian high-tea
continued to purge stuff + rearranged office (it’s so empty!)
somehow caught an annoying cough
opted to stay in + home to rest while hubs saw Sparta
wrote + posted what a month! june review + july intentions

weekend happenings + intentions
host weekend writers + Denver Creates
pen + post: reading goals update + recipes from our yummy week
spa day for the pup
read + relax + recharge (and hopefully get rid of this annoying cough)
write Zero Wasteish post (my beauty routine)
meet up with friend for drinks
walk + move

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