oh, April. where did you go?

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I’m forcing myself to write because a) I need to but I keep I putting it off because I have a billion other things to do and it sucks because I really love it and it makes me happy so I’m just doing it and, b) I’m at writing group and it would be kinda weird if the host didn’t actually do any writing. Plus, I really like reflecting on the past months and weeks and it seems like I’m constantly struggling to find the time to do so lately. But, here I am, with 90 minutes to reflect and get it all out so I’d best do it, right?

So, April — what the heck happened to that month? I guess time really flies by when you’re having fun trying to figure out a new crazy job and doing your best to just survive. I have a recollection of the month’s first days and then it was May, which obviously means I’ve thrown all concepts of mindfulness out the window and that saddens me greatly. But, going back to that whole survival thing, unfortunately, I think this is my M.O. for about another month while I try to navigate the aforementioned job and also finalize wedding planning and prepare for time away. And I feel like I’m putting such a negative spin on all of these things, which is certainly not my intention because I am VERY excited to marry the love of my life and celebrate with our friends and family and then spend a week relaxing and enjoy each other as a married couple. But, it’s just a lot. Then again, looking back I probably shouldn’t have started a new blog (that I’ve only gotten around to writing one post for), signed up for ANOTHER online course (making that three, which is just insanity) and the list goes on.

So as I think about May and the 33 days leading up to the wedding, I’m giving myself permission to let some things slide and give myself a little grace — knowing that it’s all temporary and life will return to normal (whatever that is) soon and all of those to-dos will still be there.

April highlights
 managed to spend a little time reading + finished two books
completed April lessons for A Simple Year
launched a new blog
journaled — once
ran — once
promotion + took on new role at work
traveled to Phoenix
hosted monthly Denver Creates session
lunches + dinners + happy hours with friends
celebrated one year with my loves
contractors FINALLY finished work on our house
penned + posted three blog posts
1 Rockies game + 1 ballet + 2 concerts + 1 movie
wedding tasks galore
hosted house guests
joined Year of Tranquility
enjoyed the first of warmer spring days

May stuff
complete wedding tasks
Las Vegas + South Dakota
celebrate niece’s graduation
host writing group
sit + breathe

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”

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