week(s) reflection

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Each week, for the past three weeks, I’ve started this blog post. And each week, for the past three weeks, something else has stolen my attention — wedding planning, running errands, you name it — and the post sits unfinished and eventually gets trashed. Same can be said for my reading time. And, basically, everything that isn’t related to work, wedding or just surviving. I promise this isn’t going to be another post complaining about my new job but just an observation in my current craziness of a life in which I feel like I’m barely hanging on (how do working moms do it all — seriously?).

What is helping me get by 1) an amazing fiance who is a true partner in pitching in while also dealing with his own work craziness, 2) knowing that in seven weeks all of the wedding planning and preparation will be over and it will be so worth it because I’ll be married to my favorite human, 3) making time for posts like this (even though I’ve let them slide as of recent) because they cause me to reflect and pause and see that despite feeling like I’m going in a million different directions, things are getting done and I am making time to enjoy life and connecting with friends and family, 4) cuddles with my favorite pup, and 5) the seven days of relaxation that await us following the wedding (aka, our honeymoon). CANNOT WAIT!

BREATHE (new sticky note hanging on my monitor at work)

week(s) in review
 what I’m readingArtemis + Sour Heart (but not really because, sadly,  I haven’t been reading anything that I enjoy)
read: lots of HBR + research on call centers, customer service and all things HR
dinner + catching up with a good friend
much-needed hair appointment
March reflection + April goals
wedding planning — SO MUCH WEDDING PLANNING
survived (barely) first three weeks in new role
hosted monthly Denver Creates session
spent time with my favorite Charlestonian
Missio show
big wins on the house contractor front (yay!)
Goodwill donation
celebrated one year with my loves
yummy veg dinner + catching up with two of my favorites
happy hour + a bit too much rose (oops)
lunch with my aunt
wedding hair trial
created new blog (first posts coming soon — hopefully)
joined Year of Tranquility
walk + dinner with one of my besties
yummy tasting menu treat with my love
purchased mini pack of Rockies season tickets
assembled our first wedding gift
discovered a new favorite podcast — Tell Me Something I Didn’t’ Know
enjoyed the first of warmer spring days
saw (and loved!) Isle of Dog
wrote + posted i.am.exhausted + week(s) reflection
wrote + posted when I grow up, I want to be . . . 

weekend happenings + intentions
wedding tasks
Year of Tranquility lessons
Cubs v Rockies
read + relax + recharge
finish new blog + write one post
pack + prepare for week in Phoenix
begin exploring Malcom Gladwell writing course

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