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“No matter what happens, if at the end of the wedding day you are married to the person you love, then it was a roaring success!”

With our wedding just a few months away (83 days!), the question I hear on a nearly daily basis is, “How is the planning going?” followed closely by “Are you nervous/scared?” My answer usually goes a little something like, “Nah, we’re totally ready” (followed sometimes by a mention of a Gantt chart and our goal to keep things simple) and, to the second, “Not at all.” And these answers are completely accurate. What’s interesting though is I can’t recall the last time someone asked me how I was doing outside the context of the upcoming “big day.”

This past week was tough. A three-day offsite required nearly all of my attention and energy and after-work group activities dictated my schedule, meaning I arrived home just in time to wash my face, brush my teeth and crash. An equally intense week for my fiance meant we were basically in the same boat each night — too exhausted to have any real conversations with one another and really just wanting to get to bed as soon as possible. I missed him (and our pup) intensely. All thoughts of the wedding were gone — there was no room in my brain to even consider them — which made it difficult to answer those aforementioned questions many, many times during the week. It also made me realize how much I just want to be married to my fiance. It’s not to say I’m lying when I answer that I’m excited about the wedding — I am. But, what I’m really excited about is our life together — and not having to answer those questions anymore.

And, I apologize if this narrative makes me seem ungrateful or annoyed that my friends, family, coworkers are interested in our wedding. I promise that’s not the case and I adore them for taking that interest because it is a really big deal (I get to marry the love of my life with all of my favorite people in attendance!). But, it doesn’t change the fact that I long for days to come when our wedding isn’t the focus of every conversation. When we can shift our focus to one of the 80 billion other things going on right now. When I can just be a normal married person instead of engaged — because, for as fortunate as I am that I have those friends, family, coworkers to ask about the wedding, I’m just really tired of talking about it. June 9 can’t come soon enough.

week in review
 what I’m readingEssentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less + Sour Heart
read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success + The Little Prince
tried my hand at brewing beer
celebrated International Women’s Day
enjoyed a lovely mountain getaway with my loves
final venue walkthrough + tasting for the wedding
battled a terrible cold
prepared + mailed our wedding invites(!)
hosted monthly Denver Creates + welcomed many new writers
purchased zero waste URL (new blog? website?)
many trips to my local library
saw Lorde (eh)
food sensitivity test + received results
played with new blog logos
bonded with coworkers at offsite
enjoyed bowling with coworkers (oh, and I won!)
took a career risk (more details on this later)
continued fighting with our contractors (how are people so awful?)
podcasts: How I Built This, Tranquility du Jour
many unsuccessful Hamiton lottery attempts
wrote + posted week reflection
wrote + posted 40 by 40

weekend happenings + intentions
birthday brunch with two of my favorites
pack for work trip
pack for camping
celebrate St. Paddy’s Day
many errands
relax + recharge from an overstimulated week
prepare for big work presentation
catch up on emails, etc.

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