missing: creativity (reward if found) + week(s) reflection


“Creativity exists more in the searching than the finding.” ~Stephen Nachnamovitch

I’ve lost my creativity — specific to writing, that is (maybe not lost, but it’s definitely on hiatus). At work, I’m a creative monster knocking out strategic plans and developing new ways to do things like it’s nothing. And, maybe it’s that I’m pouring my creative heart and soul into work (oh, and planning a little something called a wedding) and thus not leaving much for outside of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.? Perhaps I’ve gotten lazy? Or, maybe I’m just feeling uninspired (but, I don’t think that’s it because I have so much good in my life right now to inspire me).

But, perhaps that’s it — maybe I’ve lost my muse. I find I’ve done my best and most inspired writing when going through something tough. I guess one downfall of having all of life’s pieces fall into place is that those bumps and challenges are no longer there to provide fodder for my writing. Not that I’m complaining — because I’m really, really not. Life is so good and I’m ridiculously grateful for that but I am missing my creativity and I’m really hoping I find it again soon. In the meantime, I’ll continue to be grateful for what I do have and hopefully somewhere along the way, it returns to me.


week in review
gratitude: too many things to list 🙂
this week’s intention: find my creativity
 what I’m reading: Station Eleven
read Always Too Much and Never Enough, Green Wedding, Simple Matters
celebrated my love’s birthday with a weekend away
visited many breweries, ate lots of yummy food and listened to fantastic music
many errands + some shopping
continued my quest to find sustainable beauty products
many library visits
spa day for the pup
completed large purchase planning for 2018
many walks with the fiance + pup
coffee dates + happy hours with friends
skin cub
podcasts: How I Built This, Tranquility du Jour, Unladylike
made yummy birthday carrot-cake muffins (with coconut sugar + honey)
RJD2 show (stayed out past midnight!)
created large-purchase list/budget for 2018
spruced up our living room with a new cocktail table
completed Dressember + exceeded $500 fundraising goal (!)
filed taxes
two years after purchasing ceiling fan, finally had it installed
completed first month + continued our no-added-sugar challenge
finally found a non-plastic loofah we like (!)
read + relax
completed January review
read current issue of Bella Grace
completed January lessons of a simple year
began February lessons of a simple year
continued a year of Foodimentary
continued 30-day notebook (from A Book That Takes Its Time)
completed February goals/intentions
knocked out another week of limiting coffee (one cup a day!)
started another Goodwill pile
suit shopping with fiance
car detail completed
many work successes + a few challenges
suit shopping with fiance
car detail completed
read current issue of HBR
received work award
participated in social media pilot for #MyModernWealth
volunteered at Colorado Children’s Hospital as part of Alice Cares for Kids
visited a friend + daughter at Children’s Hospital
wrote + posted week reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: risotto + farro

weekend happenings + intentions
host monthly Denver Creates + celebrate two years!
read + relax + watch the snow fall
afternoon tea with the fiance
complete 30-day notebook
prepare for hosting book club
complete + file taxes

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