week reflection

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“To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.” ~Mark Twain

week in review
gratitude: snow
this week’s intention: sit
 what I’m reading: Always Too Much and Never Enough
read Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More
two happy hours with girlfriends
tried new local cocktail bar (and promptly fell in love)
finalized plan + remaining to-dos for wedding
coffee table shopping + purchase
went on a bit of a shoe + clothes shopping spree
returned about 90% of what I had purchased (see above)
super productive work week
completed big notes, cards, paper purge
mid-day walk with the pup
maybe found wedding shoes I like (maybe)
received a few more Dressember donations (SO close to goal!)
podcasts: How I Built This — Bliss + The Minimalists — Happier, Resonate
continued annoying task of trying to get our contractor to finish work on our house
enjoyed a lazy Sunday watching the snow fall
created large-purchase list/budget for 2018
made a trip to our favorite zero waste store
logistics call with our wedding venue
asked one of my besties to perform our ceremony ❤
continued our no-added-sugar challenge
tried a plastic-loofah alternative (not successful)
continued a year of Foodimentary
continued 30-day notebook (from A Book That Takes Its Time)
continued “a simple year” course
knocked out another week of limiting coffee (one cup a day!)
started another Goodwill pile
wrote + posted SoCal getaway + week(s) reflection
wrote + posted 2018 reading goals

weekend happenings + intentions
complete many errands
read + relax
RJD2 show
finish reading current issue of Bella Grace
complete remainder of January lessons of a simple year
complete + file taxes

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