simple joy project + week reflection


Call it gratitude. Call it a simple pleasure. Call it a daily Instagram post, but this year I’m challenging myself to pause each day — if just for a moment or two — and capture an image that reflects something that brought me joy in that minute. That’s it. No other requirements attached.

I’m deeming it the “simple joy project” because 1) I’ve kind of adopted + embraced joy in my personal branding since it’s my middle name and, 2) unlike some of my other ideas, no one is using #simplejoyproject. Follow along if you’d like via Instagram at @_nicjoy or hop along for the ride by doing your own challenge. I’d love to have company, as well as to get a glimpse into what brings you simple joy each day!

“How easy it is to get tangled up in your own fishing net.”
― Martha Hall KellyLilac Girls

week in review
gratitude: a relatively easy week to ease back into my work routine
this week’s intention: enjoy the beginning of a new year
 what I’m reading: The Lilac Girls Minimalism: Essential Essays
Dressember complete!
began simple year project
rang in the new year with my love + the Flobots
enjoyed a fun NYE downtown, including a super yummy dinner
wrapped up 2017 with gathering of final stats + completing reports
met goal of $1000 in sales on Poshmark
decided to be done with Poshmark + put my Poshmark closet on sale
re-read A Practical Wedding Planner
enjoyed the last of our holiday staycation + returned to work
appreciated a few days of light traffic on my commute
started our no-added-sugar challenge
lunch date with one of my favorites
began a year of Foodimentary
Friday night-in reading + snuggling with the pup
began 30-day notebook (from A Book That Takes Its Time)
cleaned up to-do lists
canceled unnecessary accounts + memberships
began “a simple year” course
penned January goals
tried two new recipes + cooked with my love
shipped birthday goodies to my bestie
made final 2017 donation to Goodwill
started working on 2017 taxes
wrote + posted holiday staycation + week reflection
wrote + posted and then there were three: 2017 in review

weekend happenings + intentions
write + post 2018 intentions
host January Denver Creates writing circle
read + relax
begin #bookbarreadolution2018

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