pages from my past: ’90s bucket list

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A few weeks ago, I was in search of some old paperwork I needed to sell a ring from my past (see shedding for the backstory). As I was digging through the remnants of my formative years — all contained within one hope chest and primarily consisting of journals dating back to the ’80s — to obtain the paperwork, I stumbled across a piece of loose paper with the words, “Someday I Will” penned across the top.

While I’m not certain of the exact year, judging by my handwriting (MUCH neater than current, which I blame on my years as a journalist) and the contents, I’m guessing this was a bucket list of sorts I wrote in the late ’90s. And, as I read down the list, I couldn’t help but think of my teenage self and how proud she would be to know how far I’ve come. Because, while not all of the items are still relevant and/or possible (and some are just comical), there are a lot of significant check marks. Hopefully the same is true of my current self as I reflect back in another 20 years.

  1. Run a marathon: Not quite, but did complete multiple half marathons.
  2. Attend an opera: Sadly, not yet.
  3. Go to New York: Many, many times — and each time I fall a little bit more in love with the city.
  4. Write and publish a novel: Need to get going on that whole writing part . . .
  5. Graduate college with honors: Undergrad – check! Masters – check! Masters – check!
  6. Buy a brand new car: Yep, a few times now.
  7. Own my own house: YES!
  8. Get married to my true love: June 2018
  9. Have at least one child: Doggy child? Check!
  10. Tour Europe: Six countries and counting.
  11. Hot air balloon ride: Yes, thanks to my years as a reporter during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
  12. Learn to play the guitar: Not yet . . .
  13. Publish at least one poem: Nope
  14. Pay off debt: If it weren’t for those darned student loans . . .
  15. Triathalon: No
  16. Read two books per month: Some months, yes. Some months, no.
  17. Ride a horse: Does sitting on one count?
  18. Oprah show: Um, okay.
  19. Price is Right: This one just makes me laugh!
  20. Visit all 50 states: Currently at 48.
  21. Work for a large corporation: Check.
  22. Be an important part of a large corporation: Workin’ on it.

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