colors of autumn + week reflection

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Viewing my Instagram account, the one thing you may notice is how hues of red and orange have taken over the past few weeks. While inadvertent, this happy accident reflects the colors of the season and why I adore fall. I promise I didn’t choose my current book based on its cover colors, that was just another happy accident. With wind in the forecast for the next few days, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will still be some fall colors left to enjoy for a few more weeks. But, just in case, I plan to spend as much as time as possible outdoors, taking care to pause more often and really enjoy mother nature’s annual fleeting gift.

“Forgiveness. The ability to forgive oneself. Stop here for a few breaths and think about this because it is the key to making art, and very possibly the key to finding any semblance of happiness in life.” ~Ann Patchett, This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage

week in review
gratitude: car warranties (seriously, this would have been an expensive week without one)
this week’s intention: health + self-care
 what I’m reading: This is the Story of a Happy Marriage
finished reading Eat, Pray Love Made Me Do It
completed week six mindfulness + meditation course at work
podcasts: How I Built This (Bumble) + Tranquility du Jour #407 The Writing Process
continued making progress on simplifying + decluttering
dealt with car issues
checked off a few big wedding-planning tasks
visited dear friend + brave daughter at Children’s Hospital
started non-bachelorette party planning
completed big digital decluttering effort (goodbye, 100s of emails!)
celebrated a significantly more empty closet
booked travel for upcoming work trip
spa day for the pup
attended our last Red Rocks show of the season
Deadmau5 🙂
fun day exploring in Colorado Springs with good friends
checked out a new brewery + Saturday night out with friends
enjoyed many walks + fall colors
celebrated our first fantasy football win!
lunch with one of my besties
continued killing it on Poshmark
began preparing for upcoming Pro Bono Challenge (work)
productive workweek
wrote + posted table for one: a year later

weekend happenings + intentions
engagement photo shoot
begin preparing for upcoming New Orleans trip
third lesson of blogging course
more wedding planning + finish website
get my makeup done
read + write
continue decluttering (yes, we’re still getting rid of stuff)
decide on our honeymoon location
continue enjoying the beautiful fall colors

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