another trip around the sun + week in review

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“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.” ― William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Thirty-seven. I’m not sure what I thought my mid-30s (because I refuse to say late-30s until 38) would feel like, but I’m certain whatever I had imagined would pale in comparison to reality. Life is really, really good — and not just because I have someone in my life who is a true partner and has taught me what love is — but because, despite it not being perfect, it is real. And, if I learned anything in my 36th year of life, it’s that realness and vulnerability and raw may sometimes be a more difficult way to live, but doing so makes the living all the more worth it. 

If I were to ask myself 20 years ago what a successful 37 would look like, I’m sure I would have rattled off a list of career accomplishments, a completed checklist of countries visited, some arbitrary salary and maybe a husband or long-term partner, but what I may have omitted was that I hoped to be happy. And, as it turns out, those other things are certainly important to an extent, but in the end, having a fulfilled life is the ultimate goal. Here’s to hoping 37 continues to lead me down that path. With all of the amazingness that is planned, it’s a pretty sure thing.

week(s) in review
gratitude: birthdays + friends + families
this week’s intention: enjoy birthday
 what I’m reading: Braving the Wilderness + Today Will Be Different
started Blogging 101 online course
continued 8-week mindfulness + meditation course at work
annual financial advising appointment
booked first flight for 2018 (camping in NoCal!)
dropped to 0-3 for fantasy football 😦
birthday + engagement extravaganza with friends and family
ordered 2018 playbook (so excited for this!)
welcomed my 37th year
yummy dinner with family
lots of fun time with my mom during her visit to Denver
had an awesome time at the Gorillaz show — despite the rain
attempted a mountain drive to view fall colors (too cloudy)
first try at selling clothes at local second-hand shop
held back tears + watched season premiere of This Is Us
visited one of my favorite bookstores + bought two books
welcomed the sun after many days of clouds
read + wrote
browsed my favorite local bookstore + purchased two books
welcomed the sun after many days of clouds
wrote + posted week in review + it’s fall!

weekend happenings + intentions
Big Wonderful bluegrass + beer fest
cheer on the Rox to (hopefully) playoffs appearance
read + write + relax
attend birthday party for dear friend’s kiddo
wedding planning (a constant for the next nine months)
September goals check-in + October goal setting
complete first lesson of blogging course
pen goals for 37
engagement photoshoot outfit shopping
thank you notes for engagement + birthday gifts
plant bulbs for spring blossoms

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