week in review + it’s fall!

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“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” ~George Eliot

We ushered in fall a bit early with our first corn maze last weekend which, despite the sun making it a bit toasty, was a fun adventure. When we first set out, we had a map but decided to just explore and find our way. After a few wrong turns and dead ends, however, we consulted the map and discovered if we were to continue on our current trajectory, we would never make it out. Luckily my fiance is good with maps and spatial reasoning — and I trust him completely — so we exited shortly after.

Not that I’m one to make lessons out of everything, but our corn maze adventure was just another testament to the strong partnership that is the foundation of our relationship. We each have unique strengths that we bring and, with each passing day, I am more and more grateful for my fiance and the life we are building together. Can’t wait to see what other fun adventures my favorite season brings! Happy fall, y’all!

week(s) in review
gratitude: discovering + devouring a good book
this week’s intention: enjoy last week of 36
 what I’m reading: Braving the Wilderness + Today Will Be Different
read Everything I Never Told You
read A Practical Wedding Planner
successfully completed our first corn maze
continued 8-week mindfulness + meditation course at work
brunch with two of my favorite aunts
confirmed wedding location + date (!)
dropped to 0-2 for fantasy football
amazing spa day + pampering birthday gift from my love
co-facilitated day-long new employee welcome (work)
cheered on the Rox to a 16-0 victory
sipped some pre-game beers at the Rockies Brewfest
treated myself to a new iPhone
yummy dinner to usher in our first monthly dinner club
spa day for the pup
celebrated another Broncos win
dinner + catching up with one of my besties
welcomed the commencement of my favorite season
surprise macarons + orchids from my love
received my first fabfitfun box (loved it!)
read + wrote
wrote + posted week(s) in review

weekend happenings + intentions
celebrate birthday + engagement with friends and family
hang with my mama
read + write + relax
root for the Broncos + hope for our first fantasy win
wedding planning

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