week(s) reflection + we put a ring on it


Some big things took place over the course of the past two weeks. First of all, my loves and I all hung out in the middle of nowhere Colorado with sans TV and other distractions (with the exceptions of books, games and nature) and we didn’t kill each other. Hurray!

And, because we had such a great time, we decided, “Hey, why don’t we make all of this official and go ahead and get married?” So, yeah, we’re also engaged (!), which, for me, means full-force planning mode. (And, yes, I read all of those blogs and advice columns and such that advise against getting into the planning phase right away but they clearly haven’t met me. And, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve had a spreadsheet since we first began discussing the probability of getting married months ago.) However, despite the fact that my planning brain has taken over, we did put aside the spreadsheets and dedicate last weekend to just enjoying our decision and celebrating the beginning of our lifelong commitment to one another (with the exception of one venue visit). It was an amazing weekend and we’re both beyond excited to gather with friends and family next year in celebration of our love. ❤

“You are already great because in the face of endless confusion and certain death, you continue to choose what to give a fuck about and what not to. This mere fact, this simple optioning for your own values in life, already makes you beautiful, already makes you successful, and already makes you loved. Even if you don’t realize it.” Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

week(s) in review
gratitude: time in nature
this week’s intention: one step at a time
what I’m reading: Today Will Be Different + A Practical Wedding Planner
read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck + Offbeat Bride
spoiled ourselves a bit with a fancy engagement dinner at Mirabelle (highly recommend!)
attended our first — and last — bridal show (not for us)
celebrated two friends turning another year older
began 8-week mindfulness + meditation course at work
kicked ass on big presentation (work)
finally fixed some neck/shoulder issues via chiropractor
dinner with two of my favorites
officially kicked off wedding planning
house painting project completion
celebrated National Dog Day
lots of hiking + reading + relaxing + exploring + game playing
weekend away in Colorado cabin
picnic at mountain park + got engaged(!)
began our quest for fantasy football domination (aka, participated in draft)
toured possible mountain wedding venue
caught up with friends over a few beers
happy hour with work peeps
yummy dinner at one of my favorites
visit to a mountain brewery
continued our big purge + quest to minimalism-ish
productive + rewarding workweeks
birthday wishes for my mama
continued ABCs of favorite things project on Instagram
wrote + posted own your bling
wrote + posted week reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
books + jewelry + bags/purses purge
host monthly writing group
tastes some brews at beer festival
goodbye brunch with a good friend
read + write
boring house stuff + errands
get the W for our fantasy football team (fingers crossed)
donate more items (we’re becoming regulars at Goodwill)

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