week reflection

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“Most men pursue pleasure with such haste that they hurry past it.” ~Soren Kierkegaard

week in review
gratitude: creative dates
this week’s intention: focus on the positive
what I’m reading: The Book of Hygge
read All the Birds in the Sky
tried a new brewery in Loveland
devoured many episodes of Revisionist History podcast
opted to skip movie at Red Rocks to stay home + relax
helped the bf move
attended member party at Black Project Brewing
creative date browsing books
lots of good discussion + laughs with book club friends
prep for party
participated in the return of GOT by reading while my love watched
tried Amazon Fresh and Amazon Now + decided we’d stick with trips to the grocery store
read Why Business Leaders Need to Read More Science Fiction
tried glassblowing + learned I do not like glassblowing
post-work drinks with coworker
submitted “How to Say ‘Table for One’ in Italian” for publication consideration
brunch + catching up with one of my favorites
continued to minimize + donate + sell stuff
explored Stanley Marketplace (so cool!) + nerded out over the spot’s history
visited Zero Market, Denver’s first zero-waste store (groceries coming soon!)
started Persuasive Presentation course (work)
mentor session (work)
wrote + posted week reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
spa day for the pup
coffee class at a local roaster
host beer party
read + relax
host houseguests

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