10 years in Denver (or, can I legitimately display one of those native stickers yet?)

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TEN YEARS — in one place. Whooooooooooooooa. Today — June 18, 2017 — is quite the milestone as it marks 10 years — or 120 months, or 520 weeks, or 3,650 days — of living in one location. Also, because of when this period took place in my life (from my mid-20s to my mid-30s), it feels a bit like my coming-of-age period.

When I rolled into the mile-high city on June 18, 2007, fresh off of a 12-year stint of volunteering (aka, broke AF) with all of my possessions packed into my Pontiac Grand Am, I had no idea what lied before me and that I would still call this amazing city my home 10 years later. I was excited but completely clueless about the city and without a job, a place to live or any friends here.

But here I am — 10 years later — very much in love with the city I’ve now called home for a decade. And, while I have no clue what the next 10 years will bring or if I’ll still be a Denverite, I do know that over the last 10 years I’ve had a lot of fun, shed some tears, made some mistakes and learned a lot of lessons. I’ve included some highlights below in list and photo form.

The last 10 years:

  • bought my first home solo
  • completed master’s program #2
  • said goodbye to my remaining three grandparents
  • made an impact + was influential at a company
  • took a big career risk + accepted a position at a new company after nine years in the cooperative energy world
  • promoted twice
  • discovered my love of public speaking + presenting
  • lived downtown
  • loved + had my heart broken + (unintentionally) broke a few hearts
  • celebrated entering another decade (30)
  • SO many concerts
  • made new friends + said goodbye to others
  • wrote in Paris
  • practiced yoga in Costa Rica
  • discovered my strong inner wanderlust
  • took my first international trip (outside of Mexico)
  • traveled to many new countries
  • wrote my manifesto
  • grew exponentially, both professionally and personally
  • learned a lot of lessons (and I’m sure there are many still in store)
  • made quite a few mistakes
  • met the love of my life
  • bought three cars
  • discovered a therapist whom I adore + worked through some major shit with her
  • lost weight + gained weight + lost weight + gained weight
  • ran my first half-marathon
  • started my first blog (nicole’s narrations)
  • moved to my current blog
  • read a lot of books 
  • learned to ski + spent a lot of time getting better ta it
  • served as president on two nonprofit boards
  • gave back
  • discovered the gloriousness of solo travel in Costa Rica
  • played softball again after a 10-year hiatus
  • completed multiple certifications
  • met many financial milestones
  • discovered the amazingness that is mindfulness + meditation
  • learned (and continue to learn) so much about myself
  • attended, and was in, A LOT of weddings
  • lived in one house/apartment for longer than 12 months (learned to stay)
  • celebrated + grieved + laughed + cried
  • learned my body can fail me (knee issues)
  • career path: writer –> project manager –> manager –> leader –> internal communications –> intranets
  • went on my first (and only) cruise
  • witnessed my nephew and nieces growing into amazing little humans
  • took a lot of classes
  • cooked — as in actual recipes and adult foods
  • improved upon my photography skills
  • celebrated with friends as they expanded their families (and threw a baby shower or two)
  • successfully kicked Whole 30’s ass — twice
  • struggled with what my life is + who I want to be
  • went on many bad dates — and a few good ones, too
  • took an epic road trip with my bestie
  • lots of beer tastings + breweries visited
  • joined a few book clubs
  • started a creative writing group
  • bought a piano + began playing again after many years





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