adjusting to change at home + week reflection

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My home these days is in a bit of flux as I make room for, and adjust to, adding another human and a fur baby. And, while I am elated to have the duo as part of my daily life, my routines and household are in the process of a big change — the most impactful being space.

Enter giant household purge which, honestly, needed to happen anyway. As I’ve gone through closets, pantries, cabinets and drawers and discarded items I haven’t worn, looked at or used in at least a year, it’s been cleansing not only for my house but for my mind. Less stuff really does make for a happier life — especially when the stuff is just taking up space. And, for those items that don’t fall into the one-year use threshold, I’m implementing the “spark joy” method of ensuring I’m keeping the thing for the right reasons.

As I wrap up this part of the process, I have to think about how to not let the accumulation of so much unused stuff happen again. I’m thinking a one-in-one-out rule will be the most simple, even if it’s not the easiest (ahem, books). It will, however, make me think next time I want to introduce something new into our house. I may not be anywhere close to being a minimalist, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.



“Great love and great achievements involve great risks.” ~Dalai Lama

week in review
gratitude: challenges
this week’s intention: prepare + succeed with two big presentations
what I’m reading: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 + Song of Solomon
continued big purge + organization project
5k American Heart Association Walk
dinner with good friends
presented at DWG Knowledge Exchange
career-path mapping + planning
completed big work project + presentation
budget review + updates
attended book club
coffee + catching up with one my oldest friends
saw Wonder Woman (loved it!)
solo time with the pup while D is away
productive workweek
wrote + posted small wins + week in review
wrote + posted thoughts from a train: outside your bubble
wrote + posted podcast takeaways + making peace with your mind
came home to my favorite flowers from my love ❤

weekend happenings + intentions
solo time with the pup
continue + finish big household purge
catching up with a good friend
goals + planning
read + write
house + yard work

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