a sleep-deprived week(s) reflection

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The jet lag is strong with this one. Truth. Although it’s been almost 48 hours since I returned from my Scandinavian adventure, sleep hasn’t been much of a thing yet. And, it’s definitely catching up with me.

I point this out for two reasons 1) as an excuse as to why this post is going to be light and, 2) as an excuse in case anything in this post doesn’t make sense. Turns out it’s kind of hard to use your brain and form coherent thoughts on a drastic lack of sleep. I promise in the very near future to log some more substantial thoughts around my recent Scandinavian adventure, including why Helsinki is now on my wish-list of places to live. But, for now, lots of pictures and the usual list of happenings and weekend plans, because that’s truthfully all I can muster right now.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old existence.” ~Oliver Wendell

week(s) in review
gratitude: new places + adventures
this week’s intention: enjoy vacation + don’t stress about work
what I’m reading: Emotional Intelligence 2.0
read Lust & Wonder
enjoyed Beats Antique
attended 2nd birthday party for a friend’s kiddo
DEN –> HEL –> ARN –> TLL –> HEL –> DEN
successfully launched big work project
attended support Protect Our Winters by drinking good beer at “Makin’ Noise, V2: Earth Day Tapping!
yard work
fell in love with Helsinki + Stockholm + Tallinn
made awesome memories traveling with my cousins
cider tasting + joined the Cider Cellar Club
lots of fun w/D ❤
experienced my first EDM show at Red Rocks
tickets to 2018 Ultra Music Festival purchased
ate too much + drank too much 🙂
wrote + posted finding time to create + week(s) reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
host Denver Creates writing group
attend friend’s 40th birthday party
spend time w/D + Ellie
brunch with good friends
rest + relax + catch up on sleep
prepare for upcoming busy work week
SoDak + New Orleans trip planning
April reflection + May goal setting
enjoy being back home

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