finding time to create + week(s) reflection

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+ It seems that whenever my life gets crazy busy, the first thing on the chopping block is writing + creative time. This is a shame for many reasons, but mostly because writing is my primary vehicle for pausing and reflecting. In its absence, the days, weeks and months buzz by in blurry succession, leaving me wondering not only how I spent the moments of which they’re comprised, but also drained and longing for the act of putting pen to paper (or, fingers to keys, as is the case for this blog).

You may have noticed my absence here the past month for my weekly reflection and other posts, which have sadly become casualties of that aforementioned crazy-busy life. Between travels for work and fun, attempting to catch up at work as a result of being out from said travels, and making an effort to connect with friends and other special people in my life, I’ve let being away from home impact my writing (and reading) time. And, I feel it. I miss it dearly.

It could be argued that I need to do a better job of incorporating mindfulness throughout the day so I can get snippets of pause regardless of if writing is part of my day, but that’s a discussion for another day (or, blog post). In the meantime, I’ve realized this ritual of reflecting and writing down my week is necessary to my happiness.

The good news is the realization above. The bad news is it comes a few days prior to a nine-day Scandinavian adventure, during which carving out time for this practice will be difficult. I guess it’s like anything in life — try your best with what you have and in the circumstances of the moment and, if you fall short, try again. I’m going to do my best to take time to reflect and write while exploring new places, cultures and people during my trip. But, if I fall short, I am comforted by the fact that my writing practice will be here waiting for me when I return — just like it always is.

“I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there I am a lie.” ~Rilke

week(s) in review
gratitude: new + amazing connections
this week’s intention: pause
what I’m reading: The Rules of Civility + Emotional Intelligence 2.0
read Hallejulah Anyway: Recovering Mercy
devoured S-Town (podcast)
explored Boston + attended Intra.Net Reloaded conference
logged longest run in years + was reminded that injuries are a thing 😦
drinks + catching up with dear friend
thoroughly enjoyed seeing Divisions with the Flobots
opted to spend a weekend at home relaxing instead of going to the mountains
celebrated with two friends who tied the knot
new breweries + other adventures with D
lots of concert tickets purchased
walk + brunch with three of my favorite people
closed on my re-fi (FINALLY)
kicked ass on a few big work presentations
tea + catching up with a good friend
reviewed/reflected on March + set April goals
ample time with my new patio furniture
began preparing for upcoming Scandanavia trip
wrote + posted Q1 readolution update
wrote + posted a love poem
wrote + posted catching up + weeks in review

weekend happenings + intentions
Beats Antique
attend birthday party
pack + finalize Scandanvia prep
coffee + catching up with a good friend
time with D
support Protect Our Winters by drinking good beer at “Makin’ Noise, V2: Earth Day Tapping!

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