catching up + weeks in review

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I’m not ever sure where to begin. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travels, family time, women empowerment (Hillary!), celebrating friendships, welcoming spring and, amidst it all, attempting to stay afloat at work.

My travels took me to three cities: San Francisco (for the second time in a month), Portland and to my hometown. The latter was an unexpected trip as it was prompted by the death of my grandmother. Despite it being a difficult time, I am grateful it brought my (huge) family together, which hadn’t happened since my grandfather passed 17 years ago. I had the added bonus of spending additional time with a cousin who flew into Denver and made the six-hour drive across very boring terrain much more enjoyable.

As I reflect on all the events that took place since I last posted here, I am reminded of how quickly time passes and the importance of slowing down to enjoy each moment for what it is. Admittedly, I didn’t do a very good job of this the past few weeks. I remember certain moments of intentional pause but wish I had made more of an effort. However, I am also reminded that I — like everyone else — am a work in progress.

Takeaways from the past few weeks:

  • You guys, I have THE best family. And, despite kiddos not being in my life plan (and who knows what will happen on the dude + life partner front), I know I will never be alone because I’m surrounded by so many amazing people.
  • I need more friend time + girls’ trips in my life. And, in addition to that aforementioned awesome family, I am lucky to also have the best friends.
  • It was difficult not only to say goodbye to my grandmother — a remarkable woman who lived a long life — but accepting that I now have no remaining living grandparents.
  • I will always adore visiting and exploring new places (and returning to ones I’ve been before), but a fair amount of home + downtime is essential to a balanced life (for me), which is why I am currently writing this from my dining-room table instead of in mountains. This weekend was originally slated for a getaway with a group of friends, but I passed so I could catch up at home and prepare for my next round of travels beginning in a few weeks.
  • I missed writing. In addition to my weekly reflection time that typically takes place on Saturday morning (of which most of my blog posts are a product), I wasn’t able to attend my monthly writing group due to my travels. I am grateful this act has become so ingrained in my routine that, when absent, I long for it. The same goes for reading and running.

“Make me a channel of your peace
Where there’s despair in life let me bring hope
Where there is darkness, only light
And where there’s sadness ever joy” ~Prayer of St. Francis

week(s) in review
gratitude: family
this week’s intention: patience (primarily with myself as I attempt to catch up)
what I’m reading: The Rules of Civility
attended + was inspired at the PBWC conference
travels to SF + Portland + South Dakota
ran + stayed semi-active during travels
brunch with friend/former coworker
enjoyed an afternoon of catching up with friends hadn’t seen in a long time
lots of bonding + team development at two-day offsite
explored Portland + Willamette Valley with some of my favorites
had lots of fun with coworkers in SF
lots of time laughing with family
attended grandma’s funeral + lots of memories shared
cousin road trip
happy hour with friend
successfully assembled patio furniture
dinner + visiting with good friends
dinner + catching up with long-time friend
wrote + posted bite by bite + week reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
relax + enjoy time at home
review/reflect on March + set April goals
time outdoors enjoying the warm temps
work a bit (still attempting to catch up)
break in my new patio furniture
begin preparing for upcoming Scandanavia trip

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