kindness begins with ourselves + week reflection

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I have enjoyed every single minute of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course I am currently taking — even the difficult ones or those I typically would shy away from (ahem, I’m looking at you body scans). But this week was by far the most impactful and relatable for me and, four days later, I’m still processing the experience.

The topic of this week’s class and practice centered around interconnectedness and the awakened heart. Highlights included a loving-kindness meditation and discussion on the metaphoric diet. What really stuck with me, however, were comments made on the force of kindness and how it relates to us all being connected. And, kindness not just to others, but to ourselves as well.

While I do sometimes struggle with extending kindness to others, especially if they’ve hurt or betrayed me in some way, having a focused effort on kindness to self seems to be more difficult. But, how can we truly be kind to others if we’re not practicing it with ourselves? We can’t discount the impact of how we treat ourselves plays into our treatment of others. If we are all truly connected (and I believe we absolutely are), how we treat ourselves is absolutely reflected in how we treat others. Kindness must start from within and extend outward. We must begin with ourselves.

(Here’s a loving-kindness meditation if you’d like to try it. I highly recommend!)

“We humans are all intimately interconnected. How we treat each other matters to the health and well-being, perhaps even the survival, of us all as a species, not in some vague future, but in this very moment. Kindness is true wisdom.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn, Coming to Our Senses

week in review
last week’s gratitude: silence
this week’s intention: savor the moments
what I’m reading: The Importance of Living + The Accidental Empress
completed Books for Living
attended MBSR class #7
lots of movement + many workouts (pics 4,7)
attended all-day silent meditation retreat
celebrated second birthday of my favorite neighborhood brewery
spent time outdoors
discovered Beyone’s Lemonade and can’t stop listening (pic 2)
February goals review + reflection / March goal setting
began reading latest issue of Bella Grace Magazine
attended birthday celebration for a friend
tea + catching up with one of my favorite people
productive work week
Sunday-morning breakfast + time with good friends
tickets bought for La La Land + Colorado Symphony
completed MBSR homework + readings
wore lipstick out of the house (pic 1)
phone time with my niece
meditation + self-reflection
wrote + posted silence + week reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
host monthly Denver Creates
attend friend’s bridal shower
hike with my favorite pup + spend time outdoors
time with friends
attend friend’s birthday party
career-talk + coffee with friend
prepare for busy week + upcoming travels to SF
read latest issue of Bella Grace Magazine

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