2017 travel wishlist


travel is always on my mind. whether it’s a visit to see friends and family in a place I’ve been many times or the anticipation of discovering a new locale, my bags are packed. and, because I adore lists and planning, each new year means a new travel wishlist.

travel goals:

  1. solo adventure with no plans or expectations ✔
  2. more ocean time
  3. visit one new country
  4. NYC in the fall
  5. writing retreat

upcoming + planned destinations:

  • soaking in the sun on a solo adventure in San Diego ✔
  • a long weekend with my bestie at one of my favorite domestic destinations (Jackson Hole)
  • hanging in the lovely San Francisco with one of my favorite humans
  • exploring the PNW + drinking all the wine with an amazing group of women
  • presenting at a conference in silicon valley
  • potential revisit to SF to attend the Professional Business Women of California conference (fingers crossed!)
  • networking + learning about one of my favorite topics at the Intra.Net Reloaded conference in Boston
  • discovering Scandinavia –> Finland + Norway + Sweden
  • enjoying Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

A few of my favorite travel moments + destinations over the years

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