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the past week included lots of sniffles and feeling just kinda crappy for many days. but, despite not operating anywhere close to 100 percent, I somehow managed to still be pretty productive. one major accomplishments that occurred prior to the cold — while seemingly minor in time, distance and length — was that I ran. yay!

what started out as a walk + way to get some fresh air on a Sunday resulted in moving my body in a way that hadn’t happened for many months (a year?) and it felt amazing. my knee held up pretty well, too, which was a bonus. even more impressive (for me), was that the running occurred sans music thanks to a phone that didn’t like a new app I had downloaded and died about two minutes in. while I prefer to have music pumped into my ears during any sort of physical activity, I will admit on that day its absence was appreciated. without the distraction of music,  I heard myself and what was happening around me. I listened and was more aware of my breathing and the sound of my feet hitting the ground and how my body reacted and felt with each step. I was in it. I was present. and, because I was present, I was able to not only see, hear and feel the experience, but also acknowledge and appreciate my body and what it was allowing me to do, despite not taking the best care of it for the past year. as it turns out, that acknowledgment and appreciation was exactly what I and my body needed, what it had been missing for months.

“Don’t wait until you make your first million to make a difference in somebody’s life. If you have something to give, give it now . . . Not every day is going to offer us a chance to save somebody’s life, but every day offers us an opportunity to affect one. So get in the game.” ~Mark Bezos, A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

week in review
last week’s gratitude: family
this week’s intention: gratitude
what I’m reading: The Boston Girl + 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
continued daily-gratitude challenge (Instagram: _nicjoy)
completed first two days of #Dressember challenge (more info + participate(pic 1)
ran for the first time in a VERY long time(!)
productive Sunday of errands + house tasks
put up the tree + decorated for Christmas  (pic 8)
battled my first (and hopefully last) cold of the season (pic 5)
registered for yoga + mala-making workshop
began planning + intentions for 2017
meditated (pic 6)
SD > DEN (pic 9)
read + started challenge to finish books I started in 2016 (pic 2)
began planning for upcoming Scandinavian adventure (pic 4)
productive + enjoyable work week
attended annual Denver VOICE holiday fundraiser (pic 3)
chose photos to submit to Bella Grace magazine
birthday celebration for one of my favorite people
drinks + catching up with one of my besties
hair cut + fun convo with my stylist
registered for The Foundations of Well-Being
submitted my story for how Hip Tranquil Chick inspired me
wrote + posted week reflection + grateful

weekend happenings + intentions
November reflection + December goals
read + write
pack for Las Vegas
brunch + catching up with a friend
host monthly Denver Creates session
Blossoms of Light + dinner with friends
continue Dressember
brunch with aunt + cousins
continue working on 2017 intentions
finalize + submit Bella Grace photos + essay
participate in HTC 10-year anniversary event
meet up with friend + daughter
move my body + run
participate in HTC 10-year anniversary event

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