week reflection + grateful

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snuggles. giggles. games. pumpkin pie. catching up with friends + family. old traditions. new memories. repeat. #grateful

“. . . have perspective. Without minimizing one bit of whatever is awful, it is also true that humans like you and I have been walking this earth for nearly 200,000 years. I see the trees, the land, the ocean – all of it here before me and lasting long after me. Empires rise and fall. Sometimes the center does not hold – in a body, marriage, or nation – and still. And still people love each other, go out of their way for a stranger, and marvel at a rainbow. Nothing, nothing at all can change this. We keep putting one foot in front of the other one, lifting each other up along the way.” ~Rick Hanson, Take Heart

week in review
last week’s gratitude: shifts
this week’s intention: enjoy time with family
what I’m reading: The Art of Grace + 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People
started daily-gratitude challenge (Instagram: _nicjoy)
podcasts to keep me company on my SoDak road trip: TED Radio Hour, Freakonomics Radio, Hidden Brain, This American Life, Tranquility du Jour,
bought ticket to Finland on a whim (who says I can’t be spontaneous?)
broke no-spend November (see above)
wrote + posted week reflection + getting out of my head
holiday week spent with family in South Dakota
lunch + catching up with friend at Crazy Horse (pic 7)
holiday traditions with the kiddos: Elf, Starbucks selfie (pic 1, 5)
lots of nephew snuggles (pic 4)
successfully presented roadmap to peers + boss (work)
kicked off adopt-a-family at work
dinner + catching up with friend I hadn’t seen in 4+ years
one of my Italy photos featured by worlerlust
narrowed down submission ideas for Bella Grace magazine
brunch + bubbles with one of my besties
Saturday night in + catching up with one of my favorite humans
productive work week, despite shoddy wifi
lots of cooking + baking + clean-up for Thanksgiving
registered for mala making workshop
enjoyed the first snow of the season
yummy + fun Friday night dinner with friends
piano time

weekend happenings + intentions
travel SoDak > Denver
read + write
unpack + settle back into routine
put up Christmas tree + holiday decor
catch up on new season of The Affair
cheer on the Broncos v Kansas City
errands + house chores
begin working on 2017 intentions
choose songs for annual book-club holiday party
prepare for Dressember

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