week reflection

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“You can dance in a hurricane
But only if you’re standing in the eye.” ~Brandi Carlisle, The Eye

week in review
last week’s gratitude: opportunities
this week’s intention: notice
what I’m reading: The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution Love Warrior
voted (pic 7)
election watch + attempted to process the results
wrote + posted rise up
read + finished The Art of Asking
continued no-spend November
gave my resume a major facelift
lunch + catching up with good friend
hosted monthly Denver Creates (pic 5)
began process to submit writing + pics to Bella Grace magazine
attended friend’s 40th birthday celebration
cheered on my Wyoming Cowboys to another victory
enjoyed a fun night in the mountains (pic 1, 2)
happy hour + catching up with friend
dinner with two of my favorite ladies
adjusted to the new time change (pic 4)
listened to Tranquility du Jour podcast Expectation Hangover
productive workweek
wrote + posted week reflection + in flux

weekend happenings + goals
Saturday night out + catching up with girlfriends
continue process to submit writing + pics to Bella Grace magazine
read + write
spend time outdoors + take advantage of unseasonably high temps
lunch + catching up with a friend
move + be active

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