week in review + la dolce vita

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“Here’s the thing: all of us come from some place of wanting to be seen, understood, accepted, connected. Every single one of us wants to be believed.” ~Amanda Palmer, The Art of Asking

week in review
this week’s intention: productivity before vacation
last week’s gratitude: a good, full life
what I’m reading: The Art of Asking
completed long list of house to-do tasks in preparation for winter
hosted monthly Denver Creates writing group (pic 1)
celebrated 1st birthday of a dear friend’s daughter (pic 3)
drinks + dinner w/friends
continued using new planner + system
cheered on my alma mater as they destroyed CSU
lots of gratitude for warm beds + crisp morning air
budget check + updates
chosen as official  company social maven for upcoming pro bono challenge!!
dinner + drinks with one of my favorite people (pic 6)
final Italy tasks + packing (pic 6)
survived a few very hectic days at work
yummy dinner at a new neighborhood spot + catching up with one of my besties
participated in executive council sessions (work)
heard speak, and was greatly inspired by, CEO (work)
multiple work wins + successes
shopping on Tennyson
completed Leaning Tower of Pisa Lego set (pic 4, 5)
made it through a challenging, yet rewarding work week
wrote + posted week in review + i heart reading
offically normalized to new commute
continued incorporating more activity + movement into my day
purchased Love Warrior

weekend happenings + goals
vivere live la dolce vita in Italia

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