week in review + i heart reading

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there are many things I love and appreciate about life and, while I wouldn’t say it’s number one, getting completely lost in a good book definitely ranks high on that list. last month I read four books (thank you commute + train), three of which were of the page-turning variety. as I made my way through the words on the pages, I often found myself so enraptured that, when I paused to look up, confusion would set in for a slight moment as I was returned to reality and the people and life continuing to take place around me — almost as if I were being jarred awake from a strangely realistic dream.

and as I turned the last page of each of those books, I found myself vacillating between a sense of accomplishment + completion and yearning for more. would it be too much to say I grieved for a minute or two for the stories and characters I had loved (or, despised, whatever the case may be)? i think not. honestly, there are books and stories and characters I have encountered in my 36 years of life for the loss of which I may never get over.

luckily for me — and the world — there is no shortage of books to continue this feeling. to be completely enthralled with and in. characters to love and hate, with whom I can grieve and rejoice. stories that, if only for a few minutes at a time, can captivate me so deeply and completely that I forget where and who I am. this is why I love reading. this is why I can’t imagine my life without books.

“it’s possible to miss what you’ve never had, to mourn for it.”
Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train

week in review
last week’s gratitude: all of the amazing people in my life
what I’m reading: The Art of Asking
began + finished The Girl on the Train
celebrated my 36th birthday
watched the first presidential debate
discussed The Nightingale + had a great time at book club
dinner out with TDP
lots and lots of reading
first week of success with the new planner — it’s a lot of work!
lots and lots of reading
Friday night in after falling ill 😦
mourned missing the Rockies + fireworks (see above)
multiple work presentations
made it through a challenging, yet rewarding work week
wrote + posted week in review
wrote + posted birthday gratitude + reflections on another year
cheered on the Broncos as they beat the Bengals (3-0!)
Italy planning
continued to incorporate more activity + movement into my day
purchased The Boston Girl + Lost Girls
sipped wine + enjoyed live music at local winery member day (pic 3)

weekend happenings + goals
Denver Creates writing group
celebrate the 1st birthday of a dear friend’s kiddo
read + write
lots of house tasks + errands
final Italy prep (one week!)
monthly budget check-in
dinner with one of my favorite people
seasonal check-in + goals (holdover from last week)

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