birthday gratitude + reflections on another year

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beautiful fall flowers adorn the kitchen table, thanks to my thoughtful boyfriend.

as I woke this morning, the crisp fall air flowing in through an open window tickled my autumnal bone (gawd, I love this season). I was tempted to pull the covers tighter around me and burrow in for a few more hours of sleep. instead, I moved them away and opted to get my first day of 36 started. I didn’t have anywhere to be or plans to make, but wanted to savor the day.

the birthday wishes from my dear friends and family were beginning to come in and before I’d finished my first cup of coffee, I had the pleasure of connecting with some of my favorite people. truthfully, as the years go by, I look forward to my birthday less for the fanfare and more because it provides an opportunity to connect with those I am grateful to count as my family and friends. from my dear cousins to friends with whom I spent my formative years to those I met in college and beyond, whether in a new place I lived or during my travels, my heart is truly full because of these amazing humans.

and, while enjoying the thoughtful messages, call and texts, I began to reflect on all that has happened in the past 365 days. and, all I can say is wow — 35 was a pretty transformational year for me. there were a lot of big changes (job, etc.), but also many other smaller happenings that made for one memorable year. and, you guys, this marks my tenth birthday spent in Denver. TENTH. how did that happen?

as I look toward the next year and all that is planned (starting with a trip to Italy in just two weeks!), I’m exited, grateful and hopeful. thanks to all who have helped make the last year so great. can’t wait to see what 36 brings. now if the Broncos could just pull off the W, it would be the perfect birthday. #beatthebengals


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