week in review


another week, another huge gulp of the corporate kool-aid. I’m seriously hooked. this week entailed lots of research time, which I adore, and creating strategies and continuing to feel more and more comfortable in my new role. it didn’t hurt that this week also brought the first day of September, which means both my birthday month and the start of my favorite season, an amazing concert at Red Rocks with one of my favorite bands and time exploring my city via foot and public transportation. also, any week that precedes a three-day weekend is always okay by me.

“Wish I could turn you back into a stranger
‘Cause if I was never in your life
You wouldn’t have to change this
But I know that I’ll be happier
And I know you will too
Eventually” ~Tame Impala

week in review
this week’s intention: pause
last week’s gratitude: challenges + new opportunities
what I’m reading: WELLTH + The Nightingale
enjoyed a fun game night
started one-good thing goal (one act of kindness for myself and for another daily)
Tame Impala at Red Rocks with one of my besties (pic 3)
drinks (first pumpkin beer of the season!) + catching up with a friend (pic 8)
mid-week walk with one of my besties (pic 1)
lots of exploring the city by foot and public transit (pic 2 + 4)
spent time toying with the idea of hosting a writers’ group retreat
lots of reading
Sunday night wine on my patio with one of my besties
beers at one of my favorite local breweries
discovered the most amazing local shop (blog post coming soon) (pic 5)
wrote + posted week in review
another great week at the new job (at what point can I no longer call it new?)
continued to connect with new colleagues + strengthen relationships
received results for annual health check + blood work (good!)
plenty of weekend testing + work to help solve “the issue” (work)
new purchase to help motivate me to get back to an active mindset
evening drive on one of my favorite highways + sunset viewing (pic 4)
continue reading Bella Grace Magazine
lots of walking + moving my body (thank you, Red Rocks)
yard work
continued writing project + one-year challenge

weekend happenings + goals
host monthly Denver Creates session
begin discovery of my passion + drafting life philosophy (holdover from previous week)
finish Bella Grace Magazine
enjoy the three-day weekend
brunch with a good friend who’s about to be a mommy!
dinner with good friend + family
card + gift shopping
relax + read
move my body + walk/runreflect on August + create September goals

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