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nothing like a good ol’ crisis to help you understand your place in the world. okay, maybe crisis is a strong word. and, technically, the aforementioned “place in the world” really only relates the company for which I work. but, this week was definitely a turning point for me in my new job.

as was described in my midweek post, the week could have been one to break me. a lot of shit went wrong — like, a lot. luckily none of it was even remotely my or my team’s fault, but the impacts were still quite significant to us and the rest of the company. there were a lot of extra hours put in by a big groups of folks. and canceled meetings and deferred work that will definitely make the next few weeks tough.

despite all of that though, the situation provided a perfect opportunity for me to prove my self and test whether this really was the right place for me, company and job-wise. and, gratefully, I found I’m right where I need to be doing just what I need to do — a discovery that was much-needed and extremely timely.

“When you keep searching for ways to change your situation for the better, you stand a chance of finding them. When you stop searching, assuming they can’t be found, you guarantee they won’t.” ~Angela Duckworth, GRIT

week in review
this week’s intention: come up for air
last week’s gratitude: friends
what I’m reading: WELLTH + The New Edge in Knowledge
book club (I’ve missed those ladies!)
cheered on the Rockies while sporting the brown and gold for UW alumni night
Saturday night out downtown
dinner + catching up with some of my best friends
lots of texting with mentee, who started college this week!
Monday night dinner with friend to start off a great week
skin club
couples’ dinner with friends + TDP
yummy dinner in with TDP
wrote + posted week in review
wrote + posted fuck the white flag and the horse it rode in on
continued to connect with new colleagues + strengthen relationships
completed annual health check + blood work
drinks with coworkers after an insane work week
Friday night dinner on Larimer Square with TDP
phone date with one my college roommate
kicked ass at work
unexpected meetup with one of my favorite Tri-Staters
enjoyed cooler temps + first signs of my favorite season
honored to be featured by one of my favorite bloggers and good friend (and grateful to have inspired her)
continued writing project + one-year challenge
received much-anticipated Bella Grace Magazine (can’t wait to devour it this weekend)

weekend happenings + goals
read Bella Grace Magazine
begin discovery of my passion + drafting life philosophy (holdover from last week)
work a bit
game night
time with one of my besties
relax + read
move my body + walk/run
yard work

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