week in review

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as I continue to discover and navigate my new normal, I’m finding I still have a lot of work to do. this week was a prime example. and, while I won’t go into the details, there were a rough few days in there. thankfully, I have many tools and resources in place, such as writing and therapy, that helped me through — and continue to do so. I also have the best support system for which anyone could ask, and for this, I am continually grateful.

“Fireworks erupt in a blaze of glory but quickly fizzle, leaving just wisps of smoke and a memory of what was once spectacular . . . passion is a compass — that thing that takes you some time to build, tinker with, and finally get right, and that then guides you on your long and windy road to where, ultimately, you want to be.” ~Angela Duckworth, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

week in review
this week’s intention: come up for air
last week’s gratitude: adaptability
what I’m reading: Grit
discovered a lovely new tea shop + enjoyed hours of reading there
dinner + lots of laughs with friends
walk + lunch + catching up with one of my oldest friends
impromptu evening of catching up with VOICE friends
completed Italy planning
brunch with one of my favorite people
much-needed (and very impactful) therapy session
drinks with one of my favorites
cheered on the Rockies + got to know my coworkers a bit better
read daily
wrote + posted week in review
slowly started getting back to regular meditation (thanks to Insight Timer and some prompting from my therapist)
completed full day of new employee training + connected with fellow neophyte Schwabbies (work)
lots of self-discovery time
attended financial consulting appointment
Friday night out with my TDP + delicious dinner at one of my fave restaurants
wrote — a lot (poem, lists, questions to self)
continued writing project + one-year challenge
fun lunch with one of my favorite aunts
significant time spent practicing being okay with uncertainty
wrote + posted summer playlist

weekend happenings + goals
finish Grit
begin discovery of my passion + drafting life philosophy
cheer on the Rockies with my fellow UW alums
celebrate friend’s birthday
dinner with girlfriends
relax + read
move my body + walk/run
yard work

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