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while I’m nowhere near as cool as the leader of the free world and his renowned summer playlist, all of the recent press coverage did make me think about my own summer music choices. and, because the light rail is now part of my regular Monday-through-Friday routine, what’s streaming through my earbuds has become even more important. I do love my time on the train (seriously, it’s my new happy place), but sometimes it requires  something to drown out my fellow passengers, especially when I’m trying to focus on a book as immersive as my current read, Grit.Screenshot 2016-08-18 20.09.39

last year I published my top 40 favorite songs as part of a book club activity. but I hadn’t given much thought to any current favorites, until Obama and his list. here are the songs I’ve been playing on repeat, which are by no means as impressive as those of the POTUS, but they’ve been bringing me happiness nonetheless.

Retrograde, James Blake: this is not only one of my favorite songs, it’s also my alarm. I promise, it’s a great way to ease into the day.

Higher Love, James Vincent McMorrow: I first heard this cover of the Steve Winwood classic during savasana at yoga last spring. I’ve been obsessed ever since. it’s seriously my happy place.

Basic Instinct, The Acid: of my favorite songs of the past year, I would say at least half of them were discovered via Shameless or The Affair and this is no exception. this particular song took on a special meaning after I deemed “coming up for air” as my new intention + focus.

It’s Only Life, The Shins: since its release in 2012, this song has made an appearance on my regular rotation at least monthly. and even more frequently when I’m going through a tough spot in life.

Can’t Stop the Feeling, Justin Timberland: I will fully admit when I first heard this song I found it annoying — that is, until I saw the video. seriously, go watch it now if you haven’t seen it.

Don’t You Wait, Cloves: this song — and the unique and haunting voice of the 19-year old Aussie — was another found via a TV show. this time it was Casual, which, after canceling my Hulu subscription, I’m really missing. on a related note, can anyone fill me in on what Val and the gang have been up to? pretty please?

Freedom, Pharrell Williams: one day a few months ago, I was at Target trying out new headphones in preparation of my new cubicle life. I was delighted to hear this song streaming through the Beats, which I ended up purchasing. Dr. Dre should probably thank Pharrell for that sale.

Walk Alone, Laura Marling: I honestly have no clue where I first came across this simple song, which simply features Laura and her guitar — and these powerful lyrics:
“Baby, I was born to love
I was born to love
I was put upon this earth
I was doing fine without it
Now I can’t walk alone”

Downtown, Majical Clouds: this song also falls in the mystery category as I have no idea where and when I first discovered it. and, I honestly have no idea why I like it. I just do. and, I can, because, as Pharrell Williams says, “Freedom!”.

I’m in Love, Kygo: this song, and the artist with whom I’m now a bit obsessed, was introduced to me by someone in my life who has pretty respectable taste in music. this is just one of the many awesome songs I’ve heard over and over since meeting him and it quickly made a place for itself on my favorites list.

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