week in review

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“I’m happy for boys and men, too — because when any barrier falls in America, it clears the way for everyone. After all, when there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.” ~Hillary Clinton, 2016 Democratic National Convention

week in review
this week’s intention: self-love
last week’s gratitude: family
what I’m reading: Modern Romance + First, Break All The Rules
time spent with sis + niece (pic 4)
Weezer + Panic at the Disco with sis + niece (pics 3+7)
discovered light rail is the best thing since sliced bread + began hating my commute less (pics 1+2)
started to feel comfortable in new role + company (work)
discovered one of my new favorite local restaurants + so. much. bacon. (pic 6)
enjoyed newly landscaped yard + finally owning a grill  (pic 5)
lots of fun + time with TDP
celebrated the historic moment of the first female U.S. presidential nominee (yay!)
lots of DNC viewing
beginning to feel more comfortable with my new job + routine
yummy dinner with sis + niece + TDP
much-needed phone date + catch-up time with my bestie
continued writing project + one-year challenge
wrote + posted week in review

weekend happenings + goals
baby shower + catching up with my TSGT ladies (miss them so much!)
complete my ridiculous to-do list + errands
prepare for the week + commute schedule
reflect on July + create August goals
movie with my TDP
Italy planning
move my body
write + blog

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