week in review

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something I’ve learned about myself this week: I really, really love working.

after just two days off between jobs (four more to go), I’m bored. and not like the kind of bored where I don’t have something to occupy my time, I definitely do. but. the kind of bored that impacts my brain. I miss the challenges and stimulation of a good job + workday. I miss it terribly — after just two days without it. truthfully, to say I learned this about myself is probably a bit of a misstatement. I just hadn’t experienced the no-job feeling since moving to Denver nine years ago and this week has been a strong reminder of the fact that I adore my career and can’t wait to get back to work. yes, I will do my best to savor the next four days before I begin my new adventure at Charles Schwab but between us, I CAN’T FREAKIN’ WAIT!

week in review
this week’s intention: be present
last week’s gratitude: the timing of life
what I’m reading: Hand Wash Cold + Spark Joy 
completed a bunch of highly domestic tasks I had been putting off — new washer and dryer (yay!), grill
hosted fun + successful Denver Creates weekend writers session
completed Geniecast profile — I’m live!
continue reading Spark Joy + began major tidying-up effort (for proof, see piles-of-book pictures above)
completed paperwork for new job
coffee + walk + catching up with friend
mourned with America for the events of the week #NewOrleans #Minnesota #Dallas
dinner + catching up with good friend
Cherry Creek Arts Festival + exploring Boulder + relaxing July 4
attended going-away party + said goodbye to TSGT coworkers
explored Pike’s Peak
analyzed finances + created new budget
enjoyed yummy Italian dinner in Colorado Springs
visited aunt and uncle in Sedalia
hosted good friends for dinner + ate yet another delicious meal prepared by TDP (I’m spoiled)
spent my last few days as Internal Communications Manager for TSGT
resume help for friend + dinner
Italy planning with TDP
continued writing project + one-year challenge
two intranet consulting calls
last lunch with my favorite committee (work)
final mentoring call (work)
wrote + posted week in review
dinner with friends
continued preparing for new job
dinner + dessert with one of my favorite people

weekend happenings + goals
continue purging effort
attend friend’s birthday party
attempt to assemble grill
reflect on June + create July goals (holdover from last week)
read + write + relax

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