un an après Paris

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IMG_4722my dear, dear Paris. it seems like just yesterday I fell in love with you. like, head-over-heels-lets-move-in-together-after-only-a-week love. to say I left a piece of my heart there a year ago would be a gross understatement. I’m fairly certain a pretty hefty chunk of my soul now resides on the streets and in the walls of that glorious city.

but, despite not being able to spend the rest of my days at sidewalk cafés savoring brightly-colored macarons paired with a creamy café au lait while observing chic Parisians go about their lives, I have lived the past year with thoughts of the experience top of mind. between the friends I met and think of often, the learnings from our many writing workshops and the general sense of pure joy that is prompted each time I recall that week, Paris remains a part of me and always will.

there are other reasons that week and experience continue to be a significant part of who I am. as our last “assignment” for the writing workshop, we were prompted to create a few items to complete upon returning home as part of our continued action plan. I’m delighted to report I basically killed it on my goals. and, while there are a few I have yet to accomplish, they are not forgotten — just as Paris will never be.

Paris takeaways + action plan (notes from my journal)

  1. creativity circle: meet weekly to create; writing lab; 60 min – 2 hrs; uninterrupted; prompt or free write
  2. vulnerability
  3. live a more fulfilled + carbonating life
  4. balance
  5. ego: don’t let it get in the way
  6. authenticity: purge that which does that supportive my authentic self.
  7. expand on week in review: include project and activity updates throughout the week
  8. honor your authentic self
  9. live a creative life

within one month of return: create editorial calendar/schedule for blog; continue daily writing; join or create creativity circle; create website; sign up for public speaking class; start yoga class

the results

  • created + launched nicjoy.me on June 24, 2016
  • launched Denver Creates in February 2016 (100+ members + six successful sessions held so far)
  • did not officially create editorial calendar but have increased blog posts over the past year
  • the daily writing didn’t happen but I have written more in the past year — a lot more
  • sort of bypassed the public speaking class and just dove right in to speaking — presented at four conferences!
  • have taken a yoga class here and there but still need to get back into a regular practice

I am forever grateful for that magical, life-changing week. I cherish the memories, holding them close to my heart always. jusqu’ á la prochaine fois, Paris.

“what matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.” ~rumi

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