week in review

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I told a friend last week that my life is barely recognizable as my own right now. it’s not a bad thing — just  so many changes in the span of a month and more on the horizon as I prepare to say farewell to the company and people I’ve spent Monday through Friday with for the past nine years. but if I thought the decision to resign was difficult, it’s becoming apparent rather quickly that it has nothing on the next few weeks of goodbyes. this week has been a staunch reminder of why I’ve chosen to stay at Tri-State for so long as everyone has been ridiculously supportive in my decision to leave. I’ve experienced some of my favorite moments with coworkers as I witness them say things completely out of character as a reaction of finding out I’m leaving (the seemingly scripted response being my favorite, “what the hell?”). it’s endearing and humbling and I’m overjoyed that my time there had a positive impact on so many people. and to say I’m going merely going to miss them would be a gross understatement but I know the decision to move on is the right one. and, despite my life perhaps being barely recognizable, I’m ridiculously grateful for what’s transpiring and for those with whom I get to share this crazy adventure called life.

week in review
this week’s intention: risks/adventures
last week’s gratitude: connections
what I’m reading: Life After Life
Saturday funday + bowling with some of my fave people
lunchtime pedis with one of my besties
hosted monthly Denver Creates session + wrote
caught up with a dear friend who jus moved back to the Denver area (yay!)
hung out poolside with my girls
submitted my resignation
spent time reminiscing about Paris + connecting with my Penning in Paris ladies
yummy Sunday dinner with someone special in Larimer Square
continued writing project + one-year challenge
began packing my office + preparing for my big move
continued progress on big work project
midweek dinner at a neighborhood spot with someone special
productive workweek + good work/life balance
celebrated friend’s birthday with baseball
created + completed work MITs
wrote + posted new adventures
wrote + posted week in review
created + completed personal MITs

weekend happenings + goals
Paris goal check-in + blog post
spend time enjoying + exploring the mountains with two of my favorite humans

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