week in review

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“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~Helen Keller

wow. wow. wow. that’s basically it — my week. wow. it’s a bit awe-inspiring when things come together. the pieces fall into place. the path you’ve been weeding begins blooming ludicrous fucking flowers and you find yourself as one of those people who is smiling — all of the time — for seemingly no reason. and when people ask how you’re doing, without skipping a beat you answer, “wonderful!” and — you mean it. wow. just wow.

week in review
this week’s intention: say yes
last week’s gratitude: connections
what I’m reading: Life After Life
spent the holiday weekend with amazing people
toured local distillery
tried a new local brewery
lunch in the park with dear friend + her kiddos
hung with two of my favorite people
dinner + sunshine + bubbly + catching up with good friend
porch time + laughter with awesome friends
enjoyed a delicious home-cooked meal made by someone special
continued writing project + one-year challenge
officially accepted role as genie for Geniecast (profile + more info coming soon)
began talks with local consulting company to serve as resident expert + content creator (more info coming)
continued progress on big work project
was accepted as a mentor for Goodwill’s Summer Bridge program
productive workweek + good work/life balance
created + completed work MITs
yard work
completed May reflection + June goals
received life-changing + HUGE + exciting news (more on this next week)
wrote + posted week in review
created + completed personal MITs

weekend happenings + goals
get a much-needed pedicure (didn’t happen last weekend)
host monthly Denver Creates session + write
Paris goal check-in + blog post
pay bills + budget update
bask in all the exciting and awesome things happening in my life
gratitude for the above
spend time with a dear friend who just moved back to the area (yay!)
catch up with a friend after her big German adventure


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