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“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” ~Victor Frankl

This was a week in which work definitely ransacked any hope for a successful work-life balance. I put it in a lot of hours and it was exhausting. Throughout the week, I found myself having this conversation in my mind multiple times: “how is it already (fill in the day)?” while simultaneously, “how is it only (fill in the day)!?”.

Thankfully, it was also quite a rewarding week with a full day of training, which I actually enjoyed, another successful day with my Leadership Development Program peeps and completion of a big project — on time and within scope and budget. The latter, and its corresponding hours and hours of testing and troubleshooting and running around like a mad person, was the primary cause of most of the week’s stress and the reason why I know now WAY too much about audio-visual equipment.

It’s weeks like these that taking the time to complete my week-in-review post is especially important. In addition to forcing myself to pause and contemplate the past seven days, this time helps to remind myself that even though the week seemed like a blur and there were times when I was so physically exhausted it felt like a chore walking to my car, it was productive and — the best part — I survived.

week in review
this week’s intention: pause + mindfulness
last week’s gratitude: the opportunity to begin again — every day
what I’m reading: If the Buddha Got Stuck + Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked
spent a full day in reading + relaxing + watching snow fall
completed three lessons of Courage Works + Living Brave Semester
dinner + beer with coworker after one of the most productive + busy workdays ever
entertaining + inspiring customer service training (work)
met up with friends for a beer + brief R&R bingo stint
Sunday afternoon catchup + beers with friend
dinner with fellow Leadership Development Program coworkers
phone time with mom + sis
booked travel for upcoming SD + WYO trip
Leadership Development Program session two (work)
received results of SDI test (red) + reaffirmed my task-oriented, direct, assertive motivational drivers + discovered more about how I deal with conflict (work)
completed big AV remodel project (work)
training + troubleshooting new AV system (work)
reached out to multiple friends I haven’t seen for a bit + scheduled upcoming dinners
created + completed work MITs
purged 200 contacts on FB as part of new digital cleanup effort
fun + relaxing Friday night with friends to decompress from busy week
wrote + posted week in review
wrote + posted lessons in self-compassion
created + completed personal MITs

weekend happenings + goals
read + finish book club book
pay bills + update budget
choose volunteer opportunity + apply
catch up with friends
complete three lessons of Courage Works

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