what I’m loving this week: Warby Parker

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I first learned of Warby Parker a year ago from Fast Company’s annual “most innovative companies” issue, in which they were named in the coveted top spot in 2015. I loved their story and was immediately intrigued for a couple of reasons, including their seemingly fun and laid-back company culture, creative and modern marketing and the option they provided for customers to try on glasses in the comfort of their own home.

However, the primary reason I decided to give the company a try is their socially-conscious business model — buy a pair, give a pair. The thing I adore about this mission is that they seem to get it, in that instead of donating products their nonprofit partners spend the time to train “men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at an affordable price.” Shop. Donate. Train. Go Forth. Screenshot 2016-03-27 09.12.31

Forward a year and I finally took the time order my very own try on at home package. From the moment I signed up for an online account and received my first message from the company, I was excited. Maybe it’s because I REALLY need a new pair of glasses or perhaps I’m just a sucker for a well-run marketing + communication campaign, but regardless of the reason, their prompt to “get excited” found a receptive target in this lady.

The website and selection process was very intuitive and user-friendly and there were a plethora of frame options. After choosing a few filters to narrow the selection, I chose my five pairs. After completing my order, I received a followup email letting me know my order was on its way and confirming the products I had chosen (complete with pictures of each frame).Screenshot 2016-03-27 09.08.59

It did take a few days past the promised five days to receive my order, but I ordered on a weekend and then there was snowmageddon thrown in the mix as well. When the order did arrive, from the moment I spied the smart grey box on my porch, I was again excited. The company’s culture and marketing were apparent in the packaging and the glasses were fantastic. The latter arrived individually protected in plastic that included the name and color of each product.

Let the trying on begin! For my options I had chosen Durand, Jennings, Roosevelt, Nash and Barnett. There were only two that I immediately took out of the running, mostly based on their similarity to my existing frames. The fact that I have the option to try the frames on at home is even more appreciated since I’m currently sick and the exercise provided a bit of fun to my cabin fever-ness. Plus, my schedule is a bit crazy so I’ve become pretty dependent on try-at-home shopping options (Stitch Fix and Fabletics are two of my favorites).

A few other perks of the home try-on program include having five days to try on + make a decision and also sharing and comparing via social media through #WarbyHomeTryOn to get feedback from friends and the folks at Warby Parker. I’ll be posting my options later today on Instagram. Be sure to check them out at instagram.com/_nicjoy.

Finally, the one thing about the company that I have not yet mentioned but was a huge draw for me — the affordability of the frames. Although I am fortunate to have really great vision insurance, my eyewear allocation each year goes to the purchase of my contacts (hence the reason I’m in dire need of a new pair of glasses). I appreciate that the founders of Warby Parker set out to “offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price” because I tend to agree with them in that everyone should be able to feel incredible and having to pay for overpriced frames controlled by one company shouldn’t stop them.

Now, the hard part — deciding on a frame (or two). Jon Hamm has been spotted in a pair of Becketts . . . hmmm. Maybe I’ll have to rethink my choices. 😉

Connect with Warby Parker on Twitter, Instagram or visit their blog. And, stop by a retail location if you’re lucky enough to live near one.  (Hey, WP people, when will we get in Denver?!)

(The opinions expressed above are my own and have been influenced in no way by the company or products mentioned and reviewed. I just think they’re awesome and want to share with you.)

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