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“sometimes to self-discover you must self-destruct.” ~rm drake

The past week was one that played right into the whole “the best laid plans” adage, all thanks to Mother Nature and the stupid spring cold I’ve managed to catch. As a testament, to create my week-in-review post I typically use my calendar as a guide to determine the past week’s goings-on, but this week my calendar didn’t quite match what actually happened. As in, it didn’t even come close. Yoga? Canceled. Therapy? Canceled. Work? Canceled (for two days, anyway).

For a planner + checker-of-lists, these sorts of weeks can really get me down, especially adding in the whole feeling-like-crap element. Work was left undone. Tasks remained unchecked. Cabin fever was in full force. Despite all of this, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and give myself and my beloved city time to dig out and heal from the past week’s (unplanned) events + cancellations. It’s a work in progress.

week in review
this week’s intention: simplify
last week’s gratitude: friends
what I’m reading: The Orphan Train
updated blog design + new URL
ordered Warby Parker home try-on glasses
created + completed (some) work MITs
wrote + posted week in review
wrote + posted on the bright side
purchased mindfulness and activity tracker (can’t wait for it to arrive!)
mourned for Brussels
bought tickets to Wyoming Night at the Rockies
created + completed personal MITs
scheduled first float session
celebrated first day of spring
grocery shopping + cooking and food prep for the week
enjoyed snow day + burned lots of calories via shoveling
began researching volunteering organizations + potential BOD positions
attended crowdtasting event + caught up with friend
wings + beers with friends
fixed garbage disposal (thanks to the advice of an awesome friend who is always there for me for house fixes)
abbreviated R&R bingo session
phone time with niece
brunch with friends
member day at winery
brunch + catching up with friends + FINALLY watched the Mockingjay Part Two
completed one lesson of Courage Works
decompress from travels + prepare for week

weekend happenings + goals
rest + heal from cold
clean + prepare for house guests
holiday dinner with family
finish Orphan Train
complete two Courage Works lessons
pay bills + update budget

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