week in review + reflection

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“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” ~Simon Sinek

This week kicked off my participation in my company’s leadership development program, among many other activities. One of the primary topics of the (wonderful) session was purposeful leadership, and, while I had heard this term thrown around and read a bit about it, I hadn’t previously committed the time to really examining what it meant to me.

As the course progressed, I found myself jotting down many notes related to purpose and intention, which led to an intensive introspection and the questioning of how I’m living my life. What is my why? How am I living that why and what actions am I taking to support it? Am I spending time on the things that are important to me? Am I making purposeful and intentional choices, not just in my professional life, but extending to all areas?

This isn’t the first time I’ve asked myself these questions. In fact, as part of my 2016 goals, I completed my personal manifesto. But, a gap exists between that manifesto and what I believe and the undefined why.

I would love to report that after the session I immediately sat down and answered the questions and was satisfied and from that point on I have only made choices that support my why. But, I’m human and one who had a very stressful week, so I pushed those questions aside and instead spent the evening with friends enjoying a few beers. But, the questions lingered, and so this morning I’ve dedicated my creative writing time (second weekend writers is underway!) to examining the why, beginning with a dissection of my manifesto. More to come.

week in review
this week’s intention: pause + notice
last week’s gratitude: family
what I’m reading: The Orphan Train + Presence
drinks + catching up with longtime friend
R&R bingo
signed up + began using Class Pass
(fantastic) yoga class
post-yoga drinks + catchup with friend
booked Austin travels
funeral + goodbyes for aunt
celebrated World Book Day and National Grammar Day
reviewed February goals + accomplishments
created March goals + began preparing a month of multiple travels and houseguests
lots of family time
made progress on upcoming presentation + workshop
two visits to my favorite local bookstore
completed preparation for next week’s work trip
moved offices (work)
began leadership development program (work)
continued progress on special creative work project
 created + completed work MITs
 wrote + posted week in review
created + completed personal MITs


weekend happenings + goals
host Denver Creates weekend writers
reacclimate myself with the world of DSLRs + lots of photo taking
catch up on Courage Works course
complete presentation for upcoming workshop
prepare + pack for work trip

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