week + weekend in review

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“Because if you love and want something enough — whatever it is — then you don’t really mind eating the shit sandwiches that come with it.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

week + weekend in review
this week’s intention: mindful choices
last week’s gratitude: creativity
completed first Courage Works lesson one
brunch + exploring and shopping in the ‘hood
 cheered on (and paced and yelled) the Broncos
extended offer to new team member (work)
finished reading Turning Pro (again)
productive work week, despite only being in the office two days
created + completed work MITs
attended Internal Communications Leadership Forum
presented at Internal Communications Leadership Forum
networked + met new friends
makeup class at Sephora flagship store
designed + ordered nicjoy business cards
spent four days in one of my favorite cities
walked A LOT
explored Alcatraz
checked off two more national parks
explored + checked off another amazing bookstore
registered for mala making workshop
drinks with friends
 wrote + posted week in review
completed week’s MITs

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