week in review

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“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.” ~Brian Andreas
week in review
this week’s intention: mindful choices
last week’s gratitude: free time
secured spots for FebruaryDenver Creates sessions + welcomed new members (82 so far!)
paid bills + updated monthly budget
cheered on the Broncos
completed house refi
trivia (second place)
organized closet + purged additional items
started on 2015 taxes
drinks + video games with friends
dinner + catching up with friend
enjoyed an afternoon of shopping
completed mini presentation for internal comms leadership forum (work)
completed 2016 individual development plan (work)
accepted into 2016 leadership development program (work)
successful offsite creative day with team (work)
vendor decision for big project (work)
created work weekly MITs
cooked a yummy dinner at home (it’s been a while)
lots of other tasks + busy work week
wrote + posted week in review
Friday night drinks + live music at our regular spot
completed week’s MITs
used new planner + daily checklist
weekend happenings + goals
start Courage Works course + finish week one and two
self-defense class
write one additional blog post
cheer on the Broncos
seasonal podcast (holdover from last weekend)
piano time
workout + run

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