week in review

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“A leader is someone who holds her- or himself accountable for finding potential in people and processes.” ~Brené Brown
week in review
began reading next book club pick: The Sound of Things Falling
wrote + posted my manifesto
wrote + posted 2016
wrote + posted weeks in review
completed 2016 planning + measurable goals
said goodbye to the holidays + put away Christmas decor
participated in final management team building session (work)
cheered on the Broncos with friends
saw (and loved!)  Star Wars: The Force Awakens
piano time
used new planner + daily checklist
house appraisal + next steps for refi
meatless Monday
successfully limited TV watching
rejoined the world of online dating (eek)
bought a Powerball ticket for the first time since I was 18
productive workweek
attended weekly WW meeting + tracked daily
completed business writing class practice (work)
enjoyed an evening of creativity via creative writing course
dinner + catching up with good friends
invited to attend exclusive internal communications forum in SanFran later this month
kicked ass at trivia
sent birthday cards for the week
Friday evening drinks at the usual spot

weekend wishlist 
brunch + catching up with friend
crafts + mimosas with friend
organize + purge clothes
write one additional blog post
review 2015 budget + set budget for 2016 (holdover from last weekend)
complete household fixes + chores
continue reading next book club pick: The Sound of Things Falling
piano time
workout + run

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