week(s) in review

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Though my soul may set in darkness,
it will rise in perfect light.
I have loved the stars too fondly
to be fearful of the night.
~Sarah Williams, The Old Astronomer
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.17.14
spa + pedicure night with the sweetest niece ever
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.18.20
Christmas throwback to 1989
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.10.09
annual book-club wine tasting + holiday party
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.17.25
yummy dessert + time with good friend
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.10.33
there’s something to be said for empty roads + wide open spaces
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.10.45
these two ❤
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.12.40
ringing in 2016 with my favorites
Screenshot 2016-01-02 11.12.17
photo shoot at the direction of this cutie. nephews are the best.
weeks in review
hosted annual book club holiday party
hosted wrapping get-together + delivered gifts to adopted family
survived the mall + completed holiday shopping
celebrated Christmas with family in SD
hosted game night
signed up for creative writing + life cleanse classes
dinner + dessert + catching up with good friend
monthly skin club + chatting with my favorite asethetician
annual Elf-watching + funk-food eating tradition with nieces + nephew
watched Star Wars (original)
completed 2015 review + retrospective
wrote + posted reflections on 2015
completed 2015 strategic plan + review (work)
completed 2016 strategic plan (work)
friend’s birthday brunch
drinks with friends
rang in the new year with good friends + lots of laughs
finished season two of The Affair
cheered on the Broncos as they secured a playoffs spot
wrote + posted week in review


weekend wishlist 
begin reading next book club pick: The Sound of Things Falling
2016 planning + intention setting
put away Christmas decor + tree
cheer on the Broncos
review 2015 budget + set budget for 2016
piano time
workout + run

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