week in review

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“The soul should always stand ajar. Ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.” ~Emily Dickinson


week in review
holiday party hopping
ladies holiday brunch
Christmas shopping
plenty of cardio time via shoveling
lots + lots + lots of hours put in at work
wrote + mailed remaining handwritten notes for the year
wine tasting + joined  local wine club
completed 2016 strategic planning session with work team
painted with coworkers for department holiday party
cheered on good friend as he developed game for #LDJAM
created + delivered geek care package
made a dent in holiday shopping
completed shopping for adopted holiday family
Friday night out with friends
began new season of Transparent
enjoyed my last week of food delivery from Savor 😦
booked President’s Day getaway to see my bestie
continued reading The Bell Jar
wrote + posted week in review

weekend wishlist 
host annual bookclub hoiday party
catch up on Master Your Life coursework
game night
prepare for busy holiday week
 finish Christmas shopping
letters from my past blog post
 piano time
continue reading The Bell Jar
workout + run

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