week in review

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The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.
week in review
officially kicked off the holiday season w/Parade of Lights 
attended Denver Voice fundraiser
fell in love all over again with Elephant Revival
met new intranet + internal comms friends
rediscovered Fremont Street
two words: party bus
completed Angel Tree shopping + submitted gifts
lots of happy hours + networking + dinners
spent time + caught up with my favorite Charlestonian
tried to learn craps
gave up and played blackjack + slots
rocked my presentation (kinda falling in love with public speaking)
 improved on Fur Elise + piano time
decided on NYE getaway plans
discovered (thanks to a friend) my new favorite thing: zty.pe
continued reading The Bell Jar
wrote + posted week in review


weekend wishlist 
decompress from busy week + travels
holiday party hopping
ladies holiday brunch
Christmas shopping
write + mail remaining handwritten notes for the year
prepare for what is going to be a very busy workweek
letters from my past blog post
begin working on 2016 goals in new planner
catch up on Master Your Life coursework
 piano time
continue reading The Bell Jar
workout + run

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